Tooling For Shoes Tray Making

Tooling for Shoes Tray Making
Product:Shoe tray making molds
Material:Aluminium,copper,plastic etc
Surface treatment:Polishing
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About ABIS

1. Who are we?

ABIS mold technology was founded in 1996 as the manufacturer specialized in molding&tooling, for more than 20 years of experience. We focus on mold designing and mold making, including plastic molds, die casting mold, stamping mold, blowing mold etc.

2. Why choose us?

1)Variety of products supplied: we research and developed many products, such as sleeping instruments, flower pots, salad cutting bowl etc. You can choose from our existing designs or redesigns according to your requirements

2)High precision, long service life and short lead time with reasonable price and prompt delivery

3)We own various advanced mold tooling machine, our R&D team accumulated more than 20 years of experience in mold design. We owned mature technology, can help clients reasonably by avoiding many risks

3. What can we do?

1) Accepting Incoming sample design and processing and ensure the high degree of consistency with the samples.

According to customer paper type, proportion, machine configuration, the size of wet/dry egg tray and other actual situations, Our R&D team will analyze final pulp product shrinkage to design the most accurate mould for the customers.

2) Help customers to choose the appropriate egg tray model. 

Take egg tray products as an example, according to the local market egg-packing habits, egg-packing range, we will help our customers to choose the appropriate egg tray model.

3)Guide the customers to install and debug the mould after they receive the mould.

4)Crisis analysis and prevention.

Our technicians will find potential problems and solve them in advance.

5)Efficient spare parts supply

We own a large stock of mold components and parts, easily-worn parts(mesh).

Provide technical consultation and service to customers in any time.

OEM and ODM molds for shoes tray making

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