plastic injection molding manufacturers

plastic injection molding manufacturers

This tongue scraper assemblely by five companonts, and they are builded in one mold. you can see the details below.because the ton can't touch the sharpe staff, so the gate can't in the front of the congue scrape.
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Product Details

tongue scraper injection mold 7

Wall thickness analysis

tongue scraper injection mold 3

Draft angle analysis

tongue scraper injection mold 5

cooling syst

tongue scraper injection mold 2

Gate details and Venting system

tongue scraper injection mold

work process and QC control

T1 samples

T1 parts picture 18 0505Quality Management System Certification


This is Nancy , I have 6 years experience as a plastic injection mold designer and 3 years working as a project manager,and now sales engineer at ABIS technology company.

Plastic injection mold 2

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