Throat Swab Detection Plastic Injection Mold

Throat Swab Detection Plastic Injection Mold

1)ABIS tooling room with imported equipment for high precision product
2)Over 20 injection machine with wide range of pressing
3)professional engineering team to work solution
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Our ABIS mold have tooling room with high quality imported equipment like CHARMILES EDM , SODICK slow cutting, Vertical injection machine ect. It can offer high precision mold with tight tolerance +_0.01-0.02mm. 

Our Injection machine can range 450T-1500T which can satisfied various product size. To save time and cost of trail molding with plastic parts production 

This throat swab , we are making production in very big quantity, widely used for dectection of COVID-19 

Throat swab -ABIS

ABIS mold equipment

vertical injection machine

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