plastic Injection Mold design

plastic Injection Mold design

Those platic injection mold's parts have two lifters, and 3 plate moldbase with point gate. Through this mold structure is very easy and mold is small but precise process, so it molding very well.
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plastic injection mold design

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plastic injection moulding

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 This is Nancy, I have 6 years experience as a mold designer and 3 years working as

 a project manager. Sales Engineer/Project Engineer for ABIS Mold. I would love to

talk with your furture.

Plastic injection mould tooling

Q1:How many molds can you buid per year?

 We can build 300-350 sets of injection molds per year.

Q2:How many percent of molds are exported?

 80% of the molds we built are exported to USA,Europe,Japan and other countries.

Q3:When did you start to export molds to USA and Europe?

We have started to exported molds for over 13 years.So we know the standard very well.

Q4:Can you make double color injection mold and over mold?

Yes,we can.

Q5:Can you make inserting mold?

Yes,we can,we are good at inserting molds too.we have more experience in it.

Q6:Can you make multi-cavity mold?

Yes,we built some of molds with 16,32,64 cavities.

Q7: What kinds of services do you provide?

We are focuced on plastic injection mold, but also provide stamping/ punching, blowing molds, die casting molds, as well as the secondary process.

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