Skin Cream Packaging Injection Mould

Skin Cream Packaging Injection Mould

1)All kinds of cosmetic package moulding
2)Customized size and design
3)Support to optimize mold solution
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Product Details

ABIS Capability : package injection mould in different industry. 

ABIS mold are globally renowned experts in precision plastic injection moulding, but our capabilities don’t end there. Our leading-edge technologies take your product from concept to reality, and we also deliver a complete range of contract manufacturing services. Depending on your needs, manage your project from start to finish, providing design support, supply chain management, assembly, and even logistics. We also have injection rooms to produce finish product and delivery to u across the world. We can provide one stop solution on various design of skin cream packaging mould. 

Product Characters

1. Very large size up to 600 x 450 x 650 mm for 60L plastic storage box with lids

2. Large volume production up to 1 000 000 

3. Low cost plastic storage box mould 

4. Customized color

1st container shipment

cosmetic package mould_20210104102810


Mold cavity :S136 From Sweden ASSAB  with 50-52HRC

Mold core:S136 From Sweden ASSAB or M310 from Austria with 52-55 HRC

Mold core Sleeve: DC11 from Japan or W302 from Austria with 60-62HRC

Core central ejector:Beryllium copper +Chroming treatment with 62-64HRC

Ejector device: Center ejector+eject stripper plate 

Mold manifold plate:H13 From America with 35-38HRC

Mold other plate:P20

Hot runner system:YUDO hot runner or HOTTIP hot runner 

2 million shot times of 1 year

Free spare parts of the mold

Installation& commission

Our technician can be your factory to install and run the machine for you. But the buyer should bear all the cost( the ticket, the cost of accommodation and the salary)

ABIS introduction

ABIS EXHIBITION PHOTOS on international stage 

ABIS MOLD exhibition & advantage

FAQ for you better understanding 

(2) Do u sell second-hand mold?

No, we don't. Custom-made molds are our main business

(2) Do you have existing plastic products ?

Yes, we have our branch company on finish product development, we have some own patent finish product. 

(3)What service do u supply? 

Design 3D Drawing, Make 3D Print Sample, CNC Parts, Develop Injection Plastic Mold, Supply Plastic Prodcuts & Parts.

ABIS mold Team have won a good reputation among our customers.

We are confident that we can satisfy your requirement.

choose us &you will get a professional partner with ensurance

free to talk with me if you have any skin cream packaging injection mould on or other RFQ details

Camille Dai Tel:0086 13682572517

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