Quick Heating Room Electric Heater

This room heater developed by us , we can also make design and mold for you if you have own design or requirement
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Product Details

Quick heating low power consumption DC motor PTC heater room electric heater

Color Black/ Red 
ControllerMechanical control
Function1. With PTC heating, DC motor
2. Quick heating
3. Low Power Consumption
4. Fashion design which is suitable for officer worker
5. Mini desk PTC heater for hand warming
room heater room heater

Why choose us

1. We are an independent research and production of household appliances 

2.Our products have obtained international certification to ensure quality and stability
3. Our products can be OEM, to meet the customer's brand needs
4. Our advantage and delivery on time ,competitive price ,high quality
5. We provide 24 hours service of the product information consulting and after-sales service

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