Portable Ozone Sterilizer

Portable ozone sterilizer
Materail: ASB(flameresistant)
Net Weight:168g
Voltage: 5V/1A (Type-C USB)
Battery capacity: 2000mAH
The power for making ozone: 5W
Ozone production:100mg/h
Disinfection time: 35-60 minutes
Usage: Car, bedroom etc.
MOQ: 2000 pcs above
Payment:T/T, Paypal,50% deposit/50% before shipment
Delivery: By air, UPS or DHL or your designated forwarder
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More Instructions

1.Startup: Long press the side button for more than 1 second (The white LED light is on), the product will enter the selection of working hours. Users can click the button to select different working hours: 35 minutes (indicated by the purple light), 45 minutes (indicated by the blue light), and 60 minutes (indicated by the green light). After waiting for a timeout of 5 seconds for non-operation, enter the ozone production working status, and the blue breathing light indicates the current working state.

2.Shutdown: Long press the side button for more than 3 seconds during ozone production. The white light indicates that ozone production is going to be shutdown. During the shutdown, the fan will continue to work for a period of time and then automatically close.

3. Charging: After the TypeC USB charging cable is inserted, the red lighting indicates that the charging is in progress, and the green lighting indicates that the charging is finished.

4.High-temperature alarm: In use, when the outside temperature is higher than 55 degrees Celsius, the white indicator light flashes to indicate that the equipment is currently in overtemperature protection. The equipment will suspend the production of ozone and automatically recover when the temperature drops.

Kindly noted:

1. Do not wash or spill with liquid, such as water, detergents or flammable solvents.

2. Do not cover other items on the product to avoid poor ventilation.

3. According to the regulations of the ministry of health of the People's Republic of China, since ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, 0.2 mg/m is allowed in the atmosphere, and the concentration of this product in disinfection is about 12mg/m. Therefore, people must leave the scene during disinfection, and ventilation can be done for 10 minutes after the completion of use.

4. During the disinfection operation, please ensure that the disinfection space is in a closed status and all personnel must leave.



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