Portable Air Conditioner Cooler Fan

1)ABIS mold develop the new popular cooler fan by ourselve
2)We can support less MOQ with price advantages
3)Also can accept OEM if reach large quantity
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2020 Rechargeable water-cooled air conditioning:

- We redefined the fan, redefined the design, improved the design by simulating the natural wind, and added the clever concept of water cooling.

- High volume and fog volume, 500ml high volume spray concentration

- Intelligent risk control belt can adjust the third gear shift, more uniform speed, simulate the natural wind, firm and stable.

- The nozzle is opened, the temperature drops rapidly, and professional equipment is used for accurate measurement

- Brushless motor pure copper core, more stable surge power, low noise, full power, low bass operation, low power consumption

- The battery can last up to 24 hours after being fully charged

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