Plastic Switch Product Injection Mold Factory

Plastic Switch Product Injection Mold Factory

ABIS MOLD technology company made a amount of switch products molds. The delivery time always one months. the parts need to avoid welded markets.we can suitable add metatial or ribs to enhance the strength at the weld area.
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Product Details

plastic switch product injection mold factory

Part Name:

16 middle plate 

Plastic Material:


Plastic Weight:




Mold Cavities:


Mold Type:

3 plate

Gate Type:

sub gate

Surface finish:


Cavity and Core Steel:

tavax ESR/Orvar Supreme (50 +/-2 HRC)

Part size :


There are 6 place sub gate in this mold. There are many small ribs under the back in the part, 

its builded some lifters for undercut. 

draft angle for injection moldinginjection molding gate types

below picture clearly shows the weld area, increase the melt temperature to improve the fluidity;

 increase the injection speed so that the melt reaches the confluence without cooling; 

increase the mold temperature to reduce the melt temperature; expand the gate or 

thicken the wall thickness of the part on the path to the confluence. Reduce flow resistance; 

switch to plastic with good fluidity to help reduce welding marks; welding marks will 

definitely occur when molding with multiple gates, and welding marks may not occur

 when molding with a single gate.

from the right picture can see the products blance wall thickness.

injection molding term definitionmolding plastic parts

cavity and core cooling system 

cost of plastic mouldinggas assist injection molding design guidelines

venting and layout of mold.

mold design guidelinesmold core and cavity


injection moldinject mouldinginjection molding basicstypes of injection moulding toolsinjection mold plastic designinjection molding cavity.jpginjection mold plastics.jpg

characteristics of injection moulding.jpgthe process of injectin molding.jpgmaking injection molds

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