Plastic Package Mold For Bottle Cap

OEM/ODM plastic package mold 1 Advanced Equipment (SODICK & CHARMILLES) 2 Precision injection mold with tight tolerance (+/- 0.01mm) for the printer, copy machine, automotive . 3. Long life-time (2 million shot ) & fast cycle time mold Regular mold Thin wall mold High precision with tight tolerance High temperature peek PSU, PPS ect Inserting & Over mold Multi-cavity flip cap
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OEM/ODM injection mold for plastic package 

package industry for cap

1 Advanced Equipment (SODICK & CHARMILLES)                                                                                  2Precision injection mold with tight tolerance (+/- 0.01mm) for the printer, copy machine, automotive .    3. Long life-time (2 million shot ) & fast cycle time mold           

Regular mold                                                    

Thin wall mold 

High precision with tight tolerance 

High temperature peek PSU, PPS ect 

Inserting & Over mold 

Multi-cavity flip cap 

ABIS introduction

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