Plastic Injection Molding Processes Manufacturers

Plastic Injection Molding Processes Manufacturers

This part structure is very easy and simple, the price exactly cheap. Bebause of the shrinkage is we need to care about the dimention of the part. this plastic injection mold delivery time about 3 weeks and then start to production.
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plastic injection molding processes manufacturers

产品名称(Part Name):


产品编号(Part NO:):


塑胶材料(Plastic Material):

acetal 10% Teflon(+10%)

塑胶重量(Plastic Weight):




模具编号(Mold NO:):


模具穴数(Mold Cavities):


模具类型(Mold Type):

2 plate mold

进胶方式(Gate Type):

point gate

表面处理(Surface finish):


前模钢材(Cavity Steel):


后模钢材(Core Steel):


产品尺寸(Part size) :


Each product even its very easy and simple, but we also use the moldflow 

to check the material moving satuation. This product is long and 2 cavities. 

so see the right picture that shows this runner is good for them. 

injection moulding componentsinjection molding guidelines

See below left picture shows the products draft angle. if the draft angle is too small, it may hard to

 enjcet off the core or sticking on the cavity, so the better is cavity draft angle bigger than core's,

especially if the product just average in cavity and core. 

See right picture shows the wall thickness of product. this for checking the product shrinkage risk.

  injection molded plasticsinjection mould making process

The mold much use the cool system. this mold's cool system is also very easy. 

injection molding thicknessa guide to injection moulding of plastics

ABIS mold technology co. ltd, 300+ molds capacity each year, and 70% are exported to Europe 

and North America.

injection mold

injection molding defectsinjection molding basicsinject mouldinginjection mold cost

This is Nancy, I have 6 years experience as a mold designer and 3 years working as a project manager. Sales Engineer/Project Engineer for ABIS Mold. I have a hoest heart to help you for solving

 plastic injeciton mold solution.

making injection molds

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