Pipe Fitting Mould Injection Mold

Pipe Fitting Mould Injection Mold

OEM/ODM fitting molds 1)PVC, PP, PE, PPR, PPSU, PVDF and other materials 2) collapsible fitting moulds. 3) Machinery core pulling system save cost and increase production efficiency. 4) Perfect core pulling distance within 180mm. 5).Excellent R&D team. 6.Efficiency production & timely delivery

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OEM/ODM pipe fitting mould injection mold

fitting mold pipe

The first step towards a new mould is a careful analysis, in close cooperation with the customer, of the production and process circumstances. These data, combined with the wishes and specifications of the customer, are used to develop a fitting mould concept. This guarantees a final product which always meets the expectations of the new owner.
We design our moulds with standard products for the non-specific parts to ensure that our customers all around the world can perform small maintenance and repairs at the lowest cost and with the highest flexibility.

 designer team & engineers team to offer service and solutions from design to finish product
 Tooling Room with advanced imported precision facilities from Germany, Switzerland and Japan.
• Molding room with 20 injection molding machine (Pressing range from 80T to 1600T)

• 350+ molds capacity each year, and 95% exported 

tooling shop

Contact: Camille Tel(whatapp) :0086 13682608654  

Email: camille@abismold.com

Factory Add: B building of Yingkeli Industry park, Longgang district, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China

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