Multi-function Smart Air Sterilizer Purifier

Multi-function Smart Air Sterilizer Purifier
Material:ABS+HEPA 13 filter
Color: White, silver,blue,green,grey silver etc
Sterilization Time:1-9hours
Certification: CE|CB|ROHS
Function: Electric fan+Air circulation+Disinfection
Use place: Home, Hospital, Office, Spa etc
Control method: Touch screen&remote control
Carton size:79*30*31cm
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Multi-function Smart Air Sterilizer Purifier can be used not only for air purification and disinfection but also as a separate fan, 1 machine =1 fan +1 air purifier.

Simple and fashionable appearance in the office, the home is very matching furniture, 1-10 wind (3 kinds of wind: soft wind, natural wind, strong wind), and has up to 9 hours of timing function, let you sleep in the morning not afraid of cold. The most important thing is that no leaf is very safe for children, with tripping power-off function no need to worry mother.120 degrees of automatic rotation of the fuselage, every Angle can be taken into account. Coupled with the efficient HEPA filter and the BIO climate technology in Germany, it continuously releases positive and negative ions to decompose viruses and bacteria in the air,so as to protect your family's health.

air sterilizer with cool wind

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