Mold For Face Cleansing

ABIS Mold Technology company limited has more than 20-years mold making experience, the advantages of ABIS as below:
1.OEM design, a high-quality professional team, from the mold development to product design, among the forefront of the industry
2.Mold designing is innovative with less time
3.Ensure quality and delivery on time
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Product Details

Quick information:

Product name: luna/Facial cleansing apparatus

Product working mode: Ultrasonic vibration

Material: plastic/ABS

Color: all colors as you need

Power supply mode: inductive charging/ USB charging

Finish: Polishing

Product instruction: Micro-vibration, oscillating back and forth at a high speed of sound, moving up to 300 times per second, deep and gentle release of grease and impurities in the flex motion of the brush

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