Mini UVC Mobile Sterilizer

Mini UVC Mobile Sterilizer
Material: Aluminium
Net Weight: 3g
Size: 30.5*15.5*6.2mm
Certificates: CE|RoHs
Chipset: UVC
Ultraviolet wavelength: 275nm
Disinfection time: 3-5mins
Input current:2A
Maximum power:0.4W
Cartion size: 61*31.5*33cm/16KG
Port type: Android/iPhone/Type-C
Original: Shenzhen, China
Payment:T/T, Paypal,50% deposit/50% before shipment
Delivery: By air, UPS or DHL or your designated forwarder
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Product Details

Product Description

User Manual

1.Insert the mini UVC mobile sterilizer into the charging port of the phone

2.Aim for items that need to be disinfected

3.Scan the sterilized items back and forth for 3-5 minutes and unplug the device

Versatility: With small size and lightweight, it is very easy to carry. Suitable for tableware, toothbrushes and other household items, as well as door handles in public places, elevator buttons, etc.

Sterilization range: Ultraviolet UVS surface sterilization, disinfection, disinfection reached 99.99%

Kindly Remind

1. Some android phones require the OTG function to be turned in the settings

2. Do not allow Ultraviolet light to shine directly in your eyes or on your skin

various types of mini UVC mobile sterilizer

High efficient sterilization for mini UVC sterilizer

common bacteria can be disinfected by mini UVC sterilizer

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