Mini Fragrance Air Purifier

Mini Fragrance Air Purifier
Material: Plastic
Color: Customized
Accessories: USB cable
Certificates: CE|ROHS|EMC
Filter: HEPA+Carbon Filter
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Product Details

Product  Introduction

1. Tight slim figure, high space use, can pass the 20-degree tilt test, air outlet design with the same height as the face

2.Cylindrical filter with a large area. When unfolded, it corresponds to the profile of an adult

3. The fuselage can swing left and right to supply air, fully ensuring that the purified air covers the breathing range of users

4.Safe weak current design. No need of power, can be directly in the charger, notebook, computer, smartphone charger and other 5V output plug and play, second kill child lock and other functions

5. High quality, can be broken torsion test, can be over the desktop high drop test

6.Simple operation: plug and play, power switch, swing head switch and wind speed switch

7.Mute design, One-kilowatt hour for three months

perfume air machine ionizer air cleaner

air cleaner

Fragrance air cleaner

pocket purifier with low noise

mini air purifier with  fliter out 99.97% air pollution effectively

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