Material Used In The Plastic Mold

Material Used In The Plastic Mold

We are experts in the operation of semi and automatic two-plate, three-plate, runner-less, and hydraulic core pull molds. As a further refinement, our injection molding equipment and thermoplastic injection molding machines employ productivity-enhancing cutting edge robotics for parts removal. Our considerable experience with a wide range of injection molding materials including, thermoplastic polymers and resins, colorants and additives, as well as a vast knowledge of their rheological properties and processing parameters, allows us to select the optimum components for any project.
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ABIS MOLD possesses the critical breadth and depth of knowledge needed when custom injection molding plastic. A vital factor in bringing forth a successful molding outcome is the familiarity of the component processing materials that go into producing an injection molded part. ABIS MOLD possesses this knowledge and has extensive experience with numerous types of resins – from commodity grades to engineering grades.

Our knowledge encompasses the following types of injection molding plastic:



Engineering Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic Elastomers

High Temperature Plastics

Filled and Unfilled Resins

The staff at ABIS MOLD holds considerable knowledge of these many materials and their specific rheological properties. This familiarity translates into wisely guiding our customers toward the best material selection and choosing the right resin for their particular need. This familiarity is also helpful in predicting processing conditions and the resultant outcomes under various manufacturing scenarios. This helps decrease troubleshooting time, while increasing processing productivity, and brings forth replicable integrity of the final molded parts.


Thank you for visiting our site today. The staff at ABIS MOLD looks forward to hearing about your injection molding plastic project. Please do not hesitate to contact us to allow us to assist you in material selection and in bringing forth your project to fruition.

Established in 1998 , with 20 years of plastic injection molding experience, ABIS MOLD has grown to be recognized as a global leader in custom plastic molding.

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