LED Display Automatic Infrared Thermometer With Multiple Installation

LED Display Automatic Infrared Thermometer with Multiple Installation
Material: Plastic+Metal+Electronic component
Range: 10°- 42.9°
Working temperature: 10°- 45°
Response time: 0.5s
Input voltage: DC 5V
Carton size:475*315*376mm/10.82KG
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1. Display 0.0°C after power on, use palm or other parts to stay at the sensor position for 0.5-1 seconds, the product automatically displays the temperature and broadcasts whether the temperature is normal. Normal body temperature broadcasts ‘normal body temperature’ and displays a green light; body temperature exceeds the standard, broadcasts ‘abnormal body temperature’ and displays a red light with an alarm sound.

2. When calibrating the temperature for the machine, press and hold the S key to display FH to start the calibration. Do not try without professional blackbody calibration equipment.

3. Press the M key to switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit; Long press the M key, switch to the temperature measurement of the object after hearing the beep, then press the M key again, After hearing the beep, switch to temperature measurement.

4. Press the + button to scroll up the temperature measurement record; press the button to scroll down the temperature measurement record, long-press the-button, after hearing a beep and display 37.0°C, press the + button to increase the alarm.


1. To ensure accurate temperature measurement, please turn on the power 10 minutes before starting the test.

2. Do not use it in high-temperature or high-risk environments. Percussion, impact, and disassembly of the product may cause temperature measurement inaccuracies. Please keep it properly and use it in a normal environment.

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