Irregular Plastic Connector Mold For Automotive

Plastic Automotive Irregular Connector mold OEM/ODM of connector mold Regular & irregular design
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Product Details

OEM/ODM Plastic connector mold 

Made from ABIS 

Export Markets : USA

Lead Time :30 Days

Key Specification :

1. Plastic Automotive Irregular Connector

2. Plastic injection mold

3. Automotive parts

4. LH & RH parts

5. 1+1 cavities

6. H13(HRC48-52) Steel

7. Auto unscrewing 

plastic connector mold

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Contact: Camille Tel(whatapp) :0086 13682608654  


Factory Add: B building of Yingkeli Industry park, Longgang district, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China

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