Intelligent Hand Sterilizer Dispenser With LCD Display

Intelligent|Smart|Automatic Hand Sterilizer Dispenser with LCD Display
Material:ABS+Electronic components
Capacity:1300ml refillable inner box
Hand disinfection:Liquid,gel,foam
Measuring range:35.5℃—42℃(Non-medical product functions)
Spray pump head:Service life more than 300,000 times
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1.Please keep your hands dry and clean before testing the temperature, and the temperature measurement error is +/-0.2℃. The color of the LCD screen will be green for normal temperature, orange for slightly higher body temperature, red for high body temperature.

2.When the disinfectant in the dispenser is insufficient, the red light will flash continuously.

3.The power supply mode adopts battery and external DC power supply: external 5V 1A adapter or 4 AA batteries installed inside.

4.Please turn on the switch on the right side of the dispenser before use.

Intellgient hand sterilizer

automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

soap liquid distributing device

OEM automacit hand disinfection

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