Injection Molding Plastic Long And Thin Parts Factory

Injection Molding Plastic Long And Thin Parts Factory

This part size is 156*759*14mm. the material is transperant PC. its require high light transmittance and strict surface quality requirements, and should not have any defects such as streaks, pores, whitening, haze, black spots, discoloration, and poor gloss. Secondly, because of high PC melting point and poor fluidity, it is necessary to guarantee The surface quality of the product needs to be fine-tuned at high temperature, injection pressure, injection speed and other process parameters, so that when the plastic is injected, it can fill the mold without generating internal stress and causing deformation and cracking of the product.
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Product Details

Injection Molding Plastic Long and Thin Parts factory

Part Name:

 30in visor

Plastic Material:


Plastic Weight:




Mold Cavities:


Mold Type:

2 plate mold

Gate Type:

hot runner with fun gate

Surface finish:


Cavity Steel:


Part size :


You can see have two inserts fixed at the end of two side. its also can called insert mold.

injection moulding techniques

It's one product in this mold, so its have to make the hot runner off center 25.4mm.

 and its two fun gate, the cooling system is much more.

injection molding cavity coreexamples of injection moulding products

below moldflow shows the fun gate is good, and the product's wall thickness analysis shows

the thicknest is 11.0mm. 

plastic injection molding tolerancesinjection mold prices

below picture can clearly see the mold layout, venting, gating, insert position.

plastic molding industry

that is the molded product, transperant PC material. 450 Ton plastic injection machine.

plastic injector

gate size injection mold

We have our own factory for building types of mold.

molds for plastic injection

below is weekly report for new project send to customer each Friday.

plastic injection mold weekly report

injection mold cost

injection molder

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