What is the way into the gate In the production of mold hot runner products?

- Mar 05, 2019-

What is the way into the gate In the production of mold hot runner products?

Hot runner into glue way: "long nose", pointed mouth way is one of the most common way into the glue, it is composed of gate size, gate cooling part temperature and recommand several factors determine the injection molding product quality, it is suitable for almost all known plastic, pointed mouth in the gate will leave a small gate in the product surface, its size determined by the gate size and because of different plastics.Hot runner injection method 2: "pass nozzle", a real open hot nozzle, in the injection parts of the product surface will leave a small section of cold head, it can provide a large gate size, achieve excellent pressure retention effect to reduce the stress of the product, can be applied to the gate mark requirements is not high or shunt way injection.Simply put, the through nozzle can be called the extension of the injection nozzle, into the position closest to the cavity, replace the general traditional hot air nozzle to achieve the purpose of saving plastic materials, reduce pressure loss (environmental protection and energy saving).

Hot flow way into the glue three: "needle valve mouth", the needle valve mouth by mechanical pneumatic or hydraulic control, the valve needle will be in the pressure at the end of the closure of the gate, that is to say, in the product has not yet fully condensation, the rubber system has been closed, which can shorten the forming cycle.The needle valve nozzle can achieve no gate marks, but only in the product surface left a ring of imprinting or not, which is the best solution for the application of strict surface requirements.It can provide a large enough gate size to reduce the shear heat and pressure loss, thereby reducing the filling stress and providing an extremely wide forming environment. It is also effective for extremely difficult to form plastics or extremely sensitive filling materials.At the same time, the feed gate can be controlled in sequence.By extension, all plastics can also achieve better product performance, expand the amount of plastic injection, improve the speed of injection, for the very "thin" plastic also make "wire drawing" can be avoided.



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