What is the support software?What are the types of it

- May 22, 2018-

            What is the support software?What are the types of it?

   Support software is the core of CAD/CAE/CAM software system;Support software is software that supports the design, development and maintenance of other software.It is common software developed to meet the common needs of CAD/CAE/CAM.

   There are many kinds of supporting software. Here are the following categories.

1. The image processing software which is important in injection mold CAD/CAE/CAM system support software, the basic function such as dot, line, circle the generation of graphical elements, graphics rotation and translation, amplification, the deletion of the graphic and editing, and dimensioning, writing, and so on are all necessary for the map of mould.It usually provides a set of drawing statements in the form of subroutines or instructions FOR users to call in advanced programming languages such as BSAIC, FOR-TRAN, etc.

   The graphics processing software has both strong computing power and graphic display or drawing function.But this software is often provided by the hardware manufacturer, and restricted by hardware model, not like a high-level language in the program design have good versatility and cause some difficulties for promotion.To this end, there are some graphic software standards in the world.For example, the international standardization organization (ISO) has issued computer graphics device interface standard CGI, graphics interchange specification IGES, graphics core system GKS, etc.

2. Database management system developed database management system (DBMS) in order to meet the need of large amount of data processing and information exchange.In addition to ensuring data resource sharing and information confidentiality, it also minimizes the duplication of data in the database.Users work with a database management system.Therefore, it is also the interface between users and data.There are three main types of data models used in database management system: hierarchical model, network model and relational model.

   Because of the huge amount of data involved in injection molding design, the general purpose of the database management system is not applicable in engineering.CAD/CAE/CAM's engineering database management system requires a large amount of data to be managed, data types and data relationships are very complex, and information patterns are dynamic.Therefore, the engineering database management system has been a key research topic for many years.Nowadays, many CAD systems realize the management of engineering data with the aid of general relational database management system, although the effect is not very satisfactory, but basically meets the practical needs.

3. The analysis software analysis software is mainly used to solve the problem of engineering design all kinds of numerical calculation, such as the finite element simulation analysis, institutional analysis, modal analysis, the plastic flow analysis, cooling analysis, simulation, etc., are existing function strong commercial software packages.

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