What is the slide the plastic mold

- May 25, 2018-

The so-called line position on the mould is a moving part that can drive the front and rear dies to move sideways (normally 90 degrees perpendicular to the opening direction) when the front and rear dies are opened horizontally.The purpose is to get it out of the product clasp to achieve the purpose of ejecting the product with the thimble (or gas).

The line position is a core pulling mechanism in several large system of mould."Line" do an institution, the general can be divided into: inclined guide pillar (fixed with dynamic die or mould do after dial), line a seat (fixed line insert), line a insert button bits (rubber forming parts), limit block (limit line live shipment will stop distance limits).Of course, depending on the situation, the classification, even the function of each component will be different.

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