What is the significance of die cooling system design

- Jun 04, 2018-

               What is the significance of die cooling system design

   Mold cooling system for the control of mold temperature, improve the quality of products, shorten the molding cycle, and save energy consumption has a direct impact, so the reasonable design of mold cooling system is very important.

   According to the shape of the product, people design the inlet and outlet circuit of cold water or hot water in different templates, especially near the mold core, the cavity and the injection channel.In a working cycle, the mold cooling area is large, and the cooling time is long, accounting for about 80% of a cycle.People can now reference experience and through the computer program to help designers and operators to determine the efficiency of the cooling circuit, in the mold CAD design can also be mapped the distribution of temperature in the cavity by the computer and the cooling process, convenient for people to modify the mould cooling system.

   The following factors should be taken into account in the design of mould cooling system: mould steel type, length of cooling channel, melting temperature and solidification temperature of injection material.The flow state and pressure of temperature control device and cooling medium should also be considered.According to the processing condition, the cooling system is designed by using heat balance between the heat absorbed by the mould and the heat taken away by the cooling pipe.Studies show that good cooling systems are designed to reduce cooling time by about 20 percent.

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