What is the Injection mold design for porous plastic products

- May 14, 2018-

Plastic product design to meet the corresponding functionality and aesthetics, generally avoid closed hole in the side cut core-pulling mechanism, must be in the side hole should also try to make the hole shape for the open hole to omit the core-pulling mechanism so as to simplify the mould structure, or will open hole location in a certain Angle of the surface in order to use inserts method instead of the core-pulling structure of wear, but touch wear requirements of die processing with high accuracy in order to make sure no flash, as shown in figure 1 b

For touch wear, is the most simple reasonable hole forming way, but if the depth of the hole of A large and small size of cross section is the number of the forming of core is easy to wear or broken, so the hole forming as far as possible in the form of insert, on the other hand, is to do the hole of A core directly on the mould core, in the form of so-called primary tumor, as shown in figure 1 A.

Can see from figure 1, because the product is symmetrical, the gate location is set in the center of the product is in order, but the large size of each center is round hole, so you can introduce the gate from the center from both sides into again after glue, as shown in figure in position 1 and 2.Push rod ejection system to circular way at the top and bottom ring plane, ejection position among the same circumferential layout surface in the ring plane ladder, as shown in figure 3 in 1, and at the same time of forming holes a ejection.


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