What are the steps of plastic injection mold injection molding processing

- Aug 14, 2018-

          What are the steps of plastic injection mold injection molding processing

   Injection molding is an industrial production molding method.The product usually USES the rubber injection molding and the plastic injection molding.Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding molding and die-casting methods.Injection moulding machine is the main forming equipment of making plastic products of various shapes with thermoplastic or thermosetting materials by plastic moulding moulds. Injection moulding is realized by injection moulding machine and moulds.What are the steps of plastic injection mold injection molding?

1.Heating and preplasticizing

   Driven by the transmission system, the screw is used to feed the materials from the hopper forward and compacted. Under the mixing action of the external heater, the screw and the shearing and friction of the barrel, the material is gradually melted. A certain amount of molten plastic has been accumulated at the head of the barrel.The backward distance depends on the amount needed for a single injection by the metering device. When the infusion volume reaches the predetermined amount, the screw stops spinning and goes back.

2.Fits and locks

   The clamping mechanism pushes the template and the mold moving part installed on the moving template and the mold moving part on the moving template clamping and locking, so as to ensure that sufficient clamping force can be provided to tighten the mold.


   When the assembly is completed, the entire injection seat is pushed forward to make the injector nozzle fully fit with the main runner of the mold.

4. Injection and pressure keeping

   Completely after laminating mould clamping and the nozzle, the hydraulic cylinder injection into the high pressure oil, promote relative cylinder screw moved forward, will accumulate in the cylinder head of melt with enough pressure injection mould cavity, to make plastic volume contraction due to lower temperature, to ensure the density of plastic parts, dimension precision and mechanics performance, should be within the mold cavity on the melt to keep certain pressure, to supplement the materials.

5 .unloading

   When the melt at the gate of the mold is frozen, the pressure can be released.

6.Step back of injection device

   Generally, the screw can be rotated and withdrawn after unloading to complete the next feeding and pre-plasticizing process.(under the general condition of the existing injection molding, the action of the ejector seat evacuation of the main gate of the mold has been canceled, and this action is executed when the material with serious salivation, such as PA, is formed).

7.Open mold and push out plastic parts

   After cooling and shaping the plastic parts in the mold cavity, the mold locking mechanism opens the mold and pushes out the plastic parts in the mold.

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