What are the most basic design requirements of injection mold

- Jun 07, 2018-

                What are the most basic design requirements of injection mold?

   Plastic injection mould is a key component to ensure the shape and size precision and inner quality of plastic products.Injection with mould shape design, the determination of each place dimension and position arrangement and the distribution of manufacturing accuracy, material selection of right or not, the quality of injection parts molding and the working life of the die has a great influence.

   So the design of injection mold is a complicated system engineering, the design of injection mold for the thinking and choice of many sided, first determine the size of the plastic parts, choose the mould structure, in accordance with the following basic requirements.

   The size of the plastic parts is determined correctly. Generally, the melt shrinks when it is cooled and solidified, and the shrinkage rate is different, making the size of the plastic parts different from that of the cavity.The average shrinkage rate method can also be used to calculate the size of the molded parts. For the products with high precision and need to control the residual amount of mold repair, the tolerance band method should be adopted.For large precision products, the best use of analogy.Due to the shrinkage of the melt, the size of the plastic parts varies, which should be carefully considered in mold design.

 to choose reasonable mould structure mould structure choice is critical, the mould structure is related to many factors, therefore, according to the design of plastic parts and technical requirements, select the appropriate device and forming method, combination of factory machinery processing capacity, the mould structure scheme is put forward, and then fully for advice, in order to make the mould structure is reasonable.

   Flexmould should be durable in a set of molds, which can produce tens or even hundreds of thousands of plastic parts. The longer the life of the molds, the more significant the economic benefits.In each set mold. Various parts of life are not the same. For easy to wear, the damaged parts, in such aspects as material, processing method, heat treatment should be put forward the necessary requirements, but also on how the quick-wear part is convenient to adjust and change.Also pay attention to the life of the parts and mold fit.

 the mold should be convenient manufacturing from design to the parts, middle passes through a series of processing, and some die parts, such as punch, concave die, its surface, high precision, processing is not easy, therefore, should be a priority as far as possible when the design with general machinery processing, less processing with special equipment.After that, after the parts are processed, it is necessary to consider the convenience of assembly and the residual amount of mold repair.

   Correspondingly, postprocessing of plastic parts after forming is often indispensable, which takes time and effort and greatly affects productivity.Therefore, we should use the mold molding directly out of accord with the characteristics of plastic parts design products. Including hole, slot, convex and concave part, reduce the size of the overflow mouth, gate, reduce or avoid unnecessary after processing, can greatly improve the economic benefit.Therefore, this point should be taken into full consideration in mold design.

    moulds should be reliable work by many organizations organically unifies in together, they do their job, any agency problems, all can affect the quality and efficiency of plastic parts, such as clamping system should be reliable, clamping is good, the gating system needs to quickly fill. Liquid flow channel unobstructed, accurate temperature control, temperature control system demoulding mechanism can accurately and smoothly will product ejector demoulding.Only when the mould works reliably can the qualified plastic parts be produced stably.

    All landowners for plastic forming properties of each kind of plastic, the molding characteristics have great difference, and the die structure should consider different plastic molding characteristics, to design the mould according to the different characteristics, to meet the requirements as far as possible, this is also an important means of access to quality plastics.


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