What are the molding cycles of injection products

- Mar 19, 2019-

What are the molding cycles of injection products

(1) injection time

The injection time includes injection molding time and pressure holding time.Injection filling time refers to the time it takes for the screw to move forward rapidly to push the plasticized molten material into the mold and fill the cavity, generally ranging from 3 ~ 5s.For products with high melt viscosity and fast cooling rate, rapid injection should be adopted to reduce the filling time of molten material.

The holding time refers to the holding time after the screw is moved forward and injected, that is, the cooling time of molten material entering the mold cavity and the filling time of injected pressure.This period accounts for a large proportion of the total injection time, generally about 20 ~ 120s.The shape of the workpiece is simple and the size is small, so the holding time is short.The pressure holding time is long for large workpiece and large wall thickness.

(2) cooling time

Cooling time refers to the melting material after filling the mold, the product cooling cooling curing time.The choice of cooling time is related to the thickness of the product, the performance of the raw material and the temperature of the mold.In general, the product demoulding does not cause deformation, the shorter the better.The cooling time of the product is generally in the range of 30 ~ 120s.

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