The precondition temperature control system

- Jun 26, 2018-

The precondition temperature control system for the effective control of mould temperature consists of three parts: mould, mould temperature machine and heat conduction fluid.To make sure that the heat can be added to the mold or removed and system parts must meet the following conditions: first is inside the mold, the surface area of the cooling channels must be large enough, the runner diameter to match the ability of the pump (pump pressure).The temperature distribution in the cavity has great influence on the deformation and internal pressure of parts.The proper setting of cooling channel can reduce the internal pressure and improve the quality of injection parts.It can also shorten cycle time and reduce product cost.Followed by the die temperature machine must be able to make the temperature of the thermal fluid constant within 1 ℃ - 3 ℃, the specific request according to the quality of injection molded parts.The third is that heat conduction fluid must have good heat conduction capacity, and most importantly, it should be able to import or export a large amount of heat in a short time.From a thermodynamic point of view, water is obviously better than oil.

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