The heat flow system saves money

- May 24, 2018-

(1) the cost incurred by the cold head (interest loss).

A simple example: if the cold head accounts for 68% of the waste rate, (a kilogram of material can produce only 320 g of the product at the time of manufacture, while the remaining 680 g is the cold head).

(2) although the cold head can be recycled, the mixture ratio of recycling materials based on human factors...In order to maintain normal operation, some cold heads must be deposited in order to maintain normal operation.

If material cost 100 yuan/kg, 500 kg for the accumulation of waste, the backlog of funds will be needed for every day as high as 500 * 0.68 * 100 = 34000 yuan, so its on interest loss about 200 yuan a day, in the long term, the amount is very considerable.

High speed injection molding.

Rapid injection molding not only improves the forming efficiency, such as cups, containers...There is no shortage of such thin forms of meat.

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