Rare earth surface hardening

- Jun 01, 2018-

In recent years, the method of adding rare earth elements to the surface strengthening of mold has been widely praised.This is because the rare earth elements have increased permeability velocity, strengthen surface and a variety of functions such as purify surface (13), its organization structure to improve the mold surface, the surface physical, chemical and mechanical properties are greatly affect, can improve the permeability velocity, strengthen surface, generation of rare earth compounds.At the same time, it can eliminate the harmful effects of trace impurities on the grain boundary, which plays the role of strengthening and stabilizing the grain boundary of the mold cavity surface.In addition, rare earth elements interact with harmful elements in steel to form high melting point compounds, which can also inhibit the segregation of these harmful elements on the grain boundary, thus reducing the deep brittleness.In die casting die surface strengthening process adding rare earth elements, can obviously increase the infiltration of various method of carbonitriding layer thickness and improve the surface hardness, at the same time, makes the fine dispersion of carbonitriding layer organization and hardness gradient descent, so as to make the mould wear resistance, cold resistance and thermal fatigue performance significantly increased, thus greatly improve the life of the die.At present, it is applied to die casting die cavity surface


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