New players show up at Shanghai tanzhen DMC mould exhibition

- Jun 23, 2018-

The DMC mould technology and equipment exhibition, an annual mould industry event, ended last week at the national convention and exhibition center (hongqiao).The five-day exhibition, which occupies three pavilions, is packed with people, and the traditional and new technologies are in harmony with each other, creating different sparks.

Tan zhen, as a black horse in the 3D printing industry of metal, first appeared in the mold industry grand meeting, and is willing to do everything possible to expand a new world for traditional molds.

Two - way mold manufacturing process

Professor wang zeming, director of truth-seeking technology, participated in the second BBS of the application peak of the additive manufacturing technology sponsored by the mould association. As an industry expert, he was the first to give a speech.

Professor wang gave a speech on "technology and equipment of laser material adding and its application in industrial field".Starting from the background of additive manufacturing technology, he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of two mainstream technologies (SLMvsLMD).According to wang, the development trend of SLM equipment can be divided into two paths: large size, high efficiency and low cost.Second, high precision, multi - functional, multi - technology.

Shanghai tanzhen has made great achievements in these two development directions.Tz-slm500a, a new manufacturing method for metal parts with four-beam scanning was first proposed in the world. On the premise of ensuring the forming quality of parts, the combination of large size and high deposition efficiency was realized.Tz-slm120, based on high precision forming of denture processing and medical implantation, is a new generation of equipment for dentistry, jewelry and education field.Adding and subtracting composite equipment is another means to achieve high precision.

The application of diopter and energy extending in different industries

Alien waterways are the most representative example of a 3D printed mold.In the past, alien waterways were limited by manufacturing techniques, making it hard to achieve the perfect image in the designer's mind.

Now, 3 d printing to the mold industry has brought great value - no matter how much the diameter of the mould waterway, or average lathe modifies the internal processing, hard metal can easily achieve 3 d printing.Even better, metal 3D printing can be used to complete the manufacturing of the mold body and the special-shaped waterway at one time, even if the planning mode of the special-shaped waterway is complex.

This time, a number of mould exhibition pieces were exhibited, most of which were designed with the use of shaped waterways to achieve the effect of rapid heat dissipation.The applications of these exhibits include: aerospace, shipping, rail transit, mechanical processing, electronic devices, food packaging, etc.

The mainstay of the tz-slm300a exhibition was unveiled

The main force of exploration, tz-slm300a, appeared at the exhibition.The concise appearance of the atmosphere, superb print live broadcast, caused countless viewers to stop and watch.

Tz-slm300a, with many iterations and continuous improvement, is the backbone of the truth-seeking series of equipment. It is stable and reliable.

At the exhibition site, many audiences were impressed by the modern appearance design of the equipment, the high-tech connotation, and the cool on-site printing and display, and stopped to consult.

China, as a large country of mould manufacturing and consumption in the world, has established the mould industry system.In the past two years, China's mold production capacity has reached about 250 billion yuan.250 billion of molds support 25 trillion yuan of product manufacturing.Mould does not lose its "mother of industry" said.As the important basis in the product manufacturing technology and equipment, mold industrial level is to measure the important symbol of a country manufacturing level, is one of the important supporting manufacturing product optimization and industrial upgrading.How to make "mother of industry" become "efficiency amplifier" is an important subject of "made in China" nowadays.

The fusion of high and new technology and traditional mould is an important means.In recent years, the progress of mould technology has been accelerated: during the 12th five-year plan period, there were 105,789 authorized patents in the mould industry, among which 9,393 invention patents were granted.Speeding up r&d and manufacturing in the future of new forms of technology have merged, product correlation degree is high, the high integration of the industrial chain in the mold industry more shows its walking in the front of the world trend.

The five-day mould exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. As a new player in the mould industry, trufa has learned a lot and gained a lot.Mold industry is a wide range of industries, it is closely related to all areas of manufacturing.The introduction of 3D printing has injected new blood into this huge and traditional industry, which is not the end, but the frontier.Exploration is willing to continuously improve their own technology, and mold industry colleagues to jointly explore a new world!


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