Mold design

- Sep 03, 2018-

                                          Mold design

   The so-called parting surface is to open the mold and take out the surface of the product.The choice of parting surface is also the first step of mold design, which is affected by many factors, such as product shape, appearance, wall thickness, dimensional accuracy and number of die holes.The general product is in hand, and the large parting is sure I'm sure you'll have no problem with that.It can be used for a lot of cases where there is a side core-pulling, or where there is a occiput, where there is a touch, where there is a plug.So there's a debate about how to choose, and it's not always easy to choose, so let's talk about how to choose faces.

   In general, the selection of fractal faces follows the following principles:

   1. The parting surface meets the requirements of product demoulding, that is, to take out the mold smoothly.Therefore, the location of the parting surface should be chosen in the part with the largest cross-section size of the product, which is the most basic principle.

   2. Determination of orientation when determining the product's orientation in the mold, the selection of parting surface should try to prevent the product from forming side holes or side buckle positions, and complex mold structure should be avoided.

   3: the product with general shape of parting surface usually adopts a parting surface perpendicular to the direction of mold opening of injection molding machine. In special cases, the parting surface of other shapes is adopted.The shape of the parting surface is based on the principle of convenient processing and demoulding.For a product as curved as this, typing depends on the curvature of its curvature.

   4. Ensure that the product appearance and quality profile are not selected on the smooth surface of the product.Generally speaking, the appearance of the surface is not allowed to have clip lines and other aesthetic lines;Some products with the requirement of concentricity have to put all the parts with the requirement of concentricity on the same side so as to guarantee the concentricity.

   5. The demoulding mechanism for general molds is in the dynamic mold, so the product should be kept in the moving mold as much as possible when selecting the parting surface.Therefore, for some places where it is possible to stick to the mold, we often add the mold making assistant demoulding mechanism.

   6. Considering the distance of lateral mold opening, the distance of general lateral mechanical mold opening is relatively small.Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the direction of core pulling distance should be selected in the direction of opening and closing of the front and back molds.

   7: considering the mold's lateral clamping force, the mold's lateral clamping force is relatively small. Therefore, for large products with large projected area, the direction with large projected area should be placed in the direction of opening and closing of the mold before and after, while the side with small projected area should be used as the side parting.

   When the parting surface is used as the main exhaust, the parting surface should be designed at the end of plastic flow to facilitate exhaust.

   9. Mold parts shall be divided into parts that are easy to be machined, so as to reduce the difficulty of machining.

   10: R type for many products, there is a full circle of R Angle at the parting surface. At this time, the classification shall take into account the best R type, and no sharp side can be found.

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