laser surface treatment

- Jun 01, 2018-

Laser beam is used for heating of laser surface processing, the surface rapidly melting certain depth of thin layers, at the same time by vacuum evaporation, electroplating, such as ion implantation method to elements of alloy coating on the surface, with the base metal under laser irradiation to fully mix, condensation in the mold surface obtained for 10 to 1000 microns thick alloy layer with special performance, cooling speed is equal to the quench hardening.As in the H13 steel by laser surface melting process, quickly melt zone has high hardness and good thermal stability, high plastic deformation resistance, the fatigue crack initiation and propagation have obvious inhibitory effect.Recently, Louis saha and if hult on H13 base material is adopted to improve the method of laser cladding layer of VC, research shows that the die surface is continuous, dense non-porous VC steel composite coating, it not only has a strong oxidation resistance under 600 ℃, and has a strong ability to resist the molten metal reduction 


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