Knowledge of mechanical keyboard is widespread

- Jun 20, 2018-

There are green axis, tea axis and black axis.The three shafts have different handfeel and the highest cost. They are currently the most popular shafts.(note: due to the data in this article are older, the cherry mx series there are five axis respectively is: black, white, green, tea, red) for the green axis of two sections of the audio, is close to the most typical mechanical keyboard general cognition (mechanical keyboard is actually, but the public's perception, is that card noises is mechanical keyboard, green axis is belong to this type).Among the three axes of green, tea and black, the green axis is the most popular one.And tea shaft is the most expensive axis of three axes, two stages are silent, there are also many reaction and membrane feel is similar, but if really often play mechanical keyboard, I believe that can easily separate tea axis and the difference of film, there was the trigger.The tea axis is the smallest of the three kinds of axis, so it is more suitable for those who want to save energy.The black axis is the silent axis, the general cognition is the more important axis.Recently, however, I have found that the black axis is not as heavy as it used to be and I believe it has been adjusted.The biggest feature is straight up and down, which is different from the tea shaft.Life is the longest, and many e-sports users prefer to use.

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