How to Injection mold maintenance

- May 28, 2018-

To choose the appropriate molding equipment, reasonable process conditions were determined, if the injection molding machine is too small, cannot satisfy the requirements, is too large and waste of energy, and will be for damage to the mould clamping force regulating improper or template, and reduce the efficiency at the same time.

Injection machine, should according to the largest injection quantity, effective distance rod, plate mold installation size, maximum modulus of thick, thick, minimum modulus template, ejection way, the ejection stroke, injection pressure and clamping force of checks, such as Men required rear can use.Process conditions of reasonable it is also one of the content of the correct use of mould, clamping force is too large, high injection pressure, injection rate is too fast, the mould temperature had higher damages to the service life of the mold.




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