How mold and shrinkage are calculated

- Jun 09, 2018-

The formula for mold shrinkage is: α = (D-M)/D;

Among them, the die size D at room temperature and the product size M after molding.

The commonly used plastic shrinkage rate is as follows:

1. Plastic name: PCTA

Actual open mold shrinkage: 0.003

2, plastic name: PETG

Actual mold shrinkage: 0.004

Molding Product Type: Cosmetics

3, plastic name: AS

Actual mold shrinkage: 0.005

4, plastic name: PBT

Actual mold shrinkage: 0.004

5, plastic name: ABS

Actual mold shrinkage: 5/1000

6, plastic name: PP

Actual mold shrinkage: 16/1000

7, plastic name: POM

Actual mold shrinkage: 16/1000

8, plastic name: PC

The actual mold shrinkage rate: 8/1000

9, plastic name: PA6

The actual mold shrinkage rate: 0.020.

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