How many parts are used in molding parts for injection molding machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

                How many parts are used in molding parts for injection molding machine?

   Injection molding machine with formed mold from the following several parts: the plastic molding parts, mold clamping guide, product launch part, the core of spare parts, mold concrete heating cooling, molding, exhaust channel specific support part and injection mold, etc.

   The forming part of plastic products is the part of the cavity which forms the plastic product body directly after the mold assembly.Such as convex, concave, core, rod or inserts.

   The guiding part of parliamentary module is a part set up to make the movable and fixed molds align correctly with the central axis.Such as guide column, guide hole cover or bevel dimensional parts.

   The press release part is the parts used to push injection products out of the mold cavity.Such as ejector bar, fixed plate, push plate and pad, etc.

   In the process of moulding, a part of the injection core is drawn out to form plastic products with pits or side holes.Such as often used oblique guide column, slanting block and curved pin core pulling mechanism.In the injection molding of large plastic products, the general use of hydraulic core-pulling device.

   The specific heating and cooling parts of flow patterns refer to the control system of process temperature for plastic injection molding.Such as resistance heating plate, rod and its control elements;Use cooling water circulating water pipe for cooling part.

   The concrete support part of the mold formwork refers to the auxiliary parts to ensure that the mold can work properly.Such as moving, fixed die pad, positioning ring, supporting column, lifting ring and various fixed fastening screws.

   The impinging runner is the one that leads the molten material injected from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the cavity of the forming mould.Generally, it can be divided into several parts, such as mainstream channel, shunt channel, liner port (gate) and cold material trough.

   Farina is the area that can make the air out of the mold cavity.General small products do not need to set a special vent, the air in the cavity can be from the clearance of each fitting out.For large injection moulds, there must be a vent setting.

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