China's mold casting industry closely follows the international footsteps

- Jun 05, 2018-

Since the 1990s, China's foundry has mushroomed.At the same time, domestic production of casting products are widely used.In traffic tools such as auto, machinery, communications equipment, construction, military industry equipment, precision instrument, and many other industries, is the large casting industry production products, with the dosage of the automotive industry and among them the most.These general market conditions are in line with the development trend of the international mold casting industry.It can be seen that the development of China's mold casting market is closely following the pace of the international market, and the future development will be even higher.In 2012, the development of China's mould industry was in good shape. According to luo baihui, head of China's manufacturing champion union and secretary general of the international mould association, China is expected to become a powerful global mould manufacturing country in 2018

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