Application of Cimatron software in die CAD/CAM

- May 22, 2018-


               Application of Cimatron software in die CAD/CAM?

   Mould manufacturing is a complex production process which requires urgent and technical means.The traditional mold design and manufacturing methods are far from being able to meet the requirements of upgrading and improving the quality of industrial products.In order to shorten production cycle and improve product quality, CAD/CAM technology for manufacturing industry is one of the core and key technologies in mold manufacturing.Although China's CAD/CAM technology has developed greatly in recent years, the level of mold design and manufacturing is still low in many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. It is difficult to meet the requirements of market competition.One direct and effective way to change this situation is to promote the application of CAD/CAM techniques.

   Cimatron is an ideal integration of CAD/CAM software products, under the environment of a unified system, using the unified database, can complete the structure of the product design, component design, output, design drawings;According to the 3d design of the parts, the mold parting can be done manually or automatically, and the NC machining code of the convex and concave die is automatically generated.In this paper, we introduce the application of Cimatron software in mold design and manufacturing, and the application of NC machining for convex and concave die, and illustrate the technical method of the design process by example.

   The product model is based on product modeling and Cimatron supports mixed styling.Hybrid model combines wireframe modeling, surface modeling and entity modelling, allowing designers to take full advantage of the characteristics of all sorts of modelling to generate can be directly used for NC environment, for NC programming model of the product.

   The main technical requirements of the product: the plastic parts are phenolic resin;Smooth surface transition of plastic parts;The wall thickness of the plastic part is 2mm, and the shape of the product is round Angle R=2mm.According to the technical requirements of the product, the 3d design of the parts can be conveniently carried out on the computer and modified to the satisfaction.

   The parting of the mold of the product is from the parts to the mould and die, and the key technology is the structure of the parting surface.Usually for simple parts, the parting surface can directly select the maximum contour of the product.For the construction of parts of complex curved parts, the parts should be analyzed concretely.

   The shape of the plastic part is determined by the concave cavity and convex model of the rotary switch handle.Application of Cimatron software, can according to the characteristics of the product model, first of all, with the work piece function in the outline of the largest size rotary switch to generate a cavity (in this case, cuboids) ware, then use separate function automatically generated parting line for the user, and then on the basis of the existing die line using a certain way generate the parting surface.Finally, the core part and the cavity part are separated.

   The work of Cimatron programming and processing simulation CimatronNC programming can be divided into two stages.

   The first stage is the trajectory calculation stage.The functions of this stage are similar to the calculation of base points, nodes and tool center trajectories in manual programming, as well as the determination of process and process parameters.The target program at this stage is universal, applicable to various machine tool post-processing procedures.

   The second stage is the post-processing stage.This stage includes incremental computation, pulse equivalent conversion, and numerical control code.The data, process parameters and other relevant information of the target program are converted into the input information of the numerical control device.The post-processing program is related to the specific nc machine tool, the control system is different, and the code is different.Using the Cimatron software, the product is simulated and processed. After a variety of inspection certificates conform to the design requirements, the processing code is automatically generated by post post command, and the processing center is sent to the processing center.

   The Cimatron software allows users to check the actual blank margin at any time, and to optimize the tool path, including removing the empty knife, adjusting the feed rate automatically and removing the sharp corners.It also provides flexible and convenient trajectory programming.

   The results show that using Cimatron software in die manufacturing greatly shortened the production cycle.


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