3d laser cutting of auto parts

- May 14, 2018-

Three-dimensional laser cutting is highly flexible. In normal circumstances, a set of molds can only work with one workpiece, and 3d laser cutting can be applied to any process of any workpiece.The workpiece changes occurred in the product, such as surface trimming and the change of the hole and change, just change the offline application of laser cutting because of its relatively simple some use jig, jig changes so convenient also.Therefore, laser cutting has more flexibility, which can reduce mold input and shorten sample test cycle.

The laser cutting adopts contactless processing, which is hardly consumable and produces no pollutants. The 3d laser cutting machine can also solve the problem of cutting and cutting edge of some 3d metal forming parts.At present, there are still some problems in the application of 3d laser cutting in automobile parts, such as machining accuracy and production efficiency, which can not meet the requirements of automotive thermal molding line industry.

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