Food/ice Cream/ Bake Slilicone Mold

Food/ice Cream/ Bake Slilicone Mold

Silicone Kitchen Tools mold Silicone mold for ince cream,bake,cake,food ect BPA Free 6**8*12 & 24 holes Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan Set

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Baking Muffins & Cupcakes

 Silicone Muffin pan offers great advantages over the traditional metal pans. These pans are are lightweight and flexible. You never have to worry about them breaking, fading, getting scratched, dented or rusting.

Food will bake evenly: The food bakes smoothly and brown beautifully. A silicone pan stops baking process once removed from the oven, unlike metal. It cools quickly, which makes it more convenient for using.

Simple to turn out or unmold : This Silicone pan make it really simple to turn out or unmold your baked goods and cooked dishes. Because they are so flexible and non-stick, there is no more frustration with some of your beautiful creation getting stuck to the inside of the pan

Perfect For Egg Muffins

Non-Stick capability: The pan's flexible nature allows it have great nonstick capabilities. This makes it the best solution for egg muffins/cups. Simply pressing the bottom of each cavity/cup makes them pop out, easily and effortlessly.

Microwave Safe: Reheating baked goods or leftovers are easier with silicone. You can put your food in the fridge or a freezer, and reheat it and even serve using the same pan that you baked in.

Product name

Round shape cake 12 & 24 holes mould   silicone cake moulds Microwave molds




 Red,   Blue , Green , Orange or customized 







Sample   Time

 (1)15   days if you want to customize your design

 (2)5 days   for our existing sample for reference

OEM   Accepted





 For   Baking utensils


 -30 to 260 for   silicone pastry brush


 Favourable   and Competitive Price with High Quality

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silicone mold A

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