Electronic Product Parts Injection Mould

ABIS tooling & Molding located in shenzhen,China Have tooling room with high precision machine Have injection machines and mass production of parts Over 15 years rich experience engineering team Quick reply with best solution for after service
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Product Details

Application industry 

Molding covered in all industry include: Automotive & Aviation, Household & Industrial, Electronics & Telecommunications, Medical & Healthcare, OA equipment, Consumer Packaging , Personal care, and Sports ect.  

Project process & Control 

  • Quote within 24 hours by engineer team 

     Based on 2D/3D drawing, or sample, Even idea or concept

    Primary DFM can be offered at same time if necessary

  • PO details confirmation 

    with professional sales team in every details

  • DFM  Report Issued

     Issued within 2 days. Engineer also support to optimize the design to save cost with best solution if necessary.

  • 2D & 3D Mold design issued 

  • Mold design update with finalization within 1 week 

  • Material preparation (mold base, steel for cavity & Core, hot -runner, ect ) 

  • Mold Building ( Project progress report update every week) 

  • Trial sample  ( T1 –T2 or T3 until approved, Dimension report issued )  

  • Delivery the trial sample and optimize the mold according comments if necessary

  • Sample & Mold approval

We can make the mold design, mold and product parts according to your requirement . Rich experience and high quality standard mold manaufacturing standard with equipment.  You can trust to release your RFQ for us for a solution 

ABIS mold case --big fan

ABIS Mold shop for plastic injection mold

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