Digital Ear Thermometer

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ear ear thermometer

Body measurement temperature range


Surface measurement temperature range

0 ~ 100C(32F~212F)

Measurement accuracy

0~31.9C(32~89.4F): +/-2C(+/-3.6F);

32~34.9C(89.6~94.8F):   +/-0.3C(+/-0.5F);

35~42C(96~107.6F): +/-0.2C(+/-0.4F);

42.1~43C(107.8~109.4F):   +/-0.3C(+/-0.5F);

43.1~100C(109.6~212F):   +/-2C(+/-3.6F);

Display accuracy


Measurement distance


Response time

1 Second

Response wavelength


Light (backlight) alarm

1. Human body temperature mode

Green light≤37.3C(99.1F);

37.4C degrees(99.32F)≤ orange light   < alarm point, Default alarm point                      38C(100.4F).

Red light≥ alarm point;


2. Surface temperature mode

Green light: 0~100C(32~212F)

Surface temperature emissivity


Shutdown (sleep) time after no   operation


Over working environment temperature   indicator

LCD shows "AT H"/:"AT   L"

Over load indicator

LCD shows   "Hi"/:"Lo"

Backlight indication: Red

Working environment

10~40C(50~104F); relative   humidity≤85%

Storage environment temperature


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