Custom NBR And EPDM Molded Silicone Rubber Auto Parts

Custom NBR And EPDM Molded Silicone Rubber Auto Parts

ABIS Mold was founded in 1996 in Shenzhen, adjacent to HK, China. and we moved to Long gang District in 2010.With the advanced facilities from Germany, Swiss and Japan, and a highly experienced design and engineering team, ABIS builds multi-cavity molds to exacting tolerances, providing the critical structural foundation for leading manufacturing companies to produce high precision mold. At ABIS, All new programs are entered into APQP as soon as the purchase order is received. A team will be assigned to review all steps of the project from tool design through work cell assignment, continuing on to the customer's first production run. Before mold building, Our teams will evaluate your part deign to give you the proactive comments, such us Cooling, Venting, Gating, Cavity/Core sticking concerns, Short Shot possibility, Thin steel conditions, etc. also our engineers will assist in improving the part design and optimizing the mold design to save your cost. Our molding press machine ranges from 40T to 650T, 300+ molds capacity each year, and 70 % are exported to Europe and North America. Post molding operations include: CNC Machining, decorating, ultrasonic welding, silkscreen and assembly & insertion. In addition to our plastic mold and molding specialties, we also can provide you the services such us die casting, stamping /punching, blowing mold, as well as the secondary process.
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Product Details

Product Description:

1)  Material: Natural rubber, silicone, EPDM, HNBR, NBR, SBR etc.

2)  Colors: Black, or custom colors.

3)  Temperature resistance: between -50~+120 °C

4)  Hardness: From 30 to 90 shore A durometer

5)  Size:According to the drawing or as the samples

6)  Surface Finish: Color painting, silk-printing, Laser etching, texture

7)  Property:Aging resist,and O-zone resist,Low and high temperature resist

8)  Application:Rubber Vibration Damper,Auto Parts insulators, generators,  motors, drills


Our products include:

1) Silicone extrusion parts

2) EPDM&PVC extrusion parts

3) Electrical apparatus fire resistance rubber parts

4) High and Low temperature resistant rubber parts

5) Electric conduct rubber parts

6) EPDM foam parts

7) NBR dense parts

8) Silicone,EPDM & PVC molded parts

9) Other special TPV,TPO,TPR,TPU,PP,ABS,CPVC,PVC/NBR extrusion parts

 Flying focus on below car make:

 Japanese car:  Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Mazda,Subaru,Mitsubishi,Suzuki,Isuzu;

 European car:  Renault,Peugeot,Citroen,Fiat,Opel,BMW,Benz,VW,Audi,Skoda,Land Rover

 American car: Ford,Chrysler

 Korean car:  Hyundai,Kia,Daewoo







 Factory :

 - All our products are built according to OE drawings and under ISO system. As one of  

 -  leading supplier for auto rubber s parts and suspension parts.We are professional

 - and reliable, with highly speeking in the market for our good quality and service. 


Mobile: +86-13554018301   l   Skype: Gloria-Abismold   



Add:Building B#C#,YingKeli Industrial Park,LongDong Community,LongGang District,Shenzhen,China 518116

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