Cost Of Plastic Moulding Injection Mold Facotry

Cost Of Plastic Moulding Injection Mold Facotry

ABIS Mold was found in 1996 in Shenzhen,With the advanced facilities from Germany, Swiss and Japan, and a highly experienced design and engineering team, ABIS builds multi-cavity molds to exacting tolerances, providing the critical structural foundation for leading manufacturing companies to produce high precision mold.
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Cost of plastic moulding injection mold facotry


Track Triangle


30% glass Nylon







Mold Type:

2 plate mold

Gate Type:

Hot runner point gate

Surface finish:


Cavity and Core Steel:

import P20 HRC38, Chrome surface.

Part size:


Hot runner with two drops. the moldflow picture shows the gate is good. the melt marks 

on the thin place. the hot runner brand: MOLD MASTER, Master TIP, HUSKY, HASCO, DME,


moulding industryinjection molding polymers

draft angle analysis for ensure the product easy to fall off the mold and avoid sticking on the cavity and core.  and the wall thickess analysis for checking the sink risk.

mold making basicstooling injection molding

cavity and cool system looks very tight. the water line is running during the whole injection production.

injection polymerscavity injection

the layout dimension and venting, the venting depth according to the plastic data.

basics of plastic injection molding

We have own factory and engineer teams. we work together very well. and i also a professional sales engineer. welcome to visit ABIS. mold building is a big process, and needs many department coopecrate well. We are good at plastic injection molds. we got ISO/9001 and TS/16949..

plastic injection mold workflow

injection molding techniquecompany ISO ceterationinjection molding basicsinject mouldinggate size injection moldinjection mold cost

We are looking forward to talking with your further if you have any needs with plastic injection mold

and molding. we will provide the professional services.

moulding tooling.jpbapplication of injection molding.jpg

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