Cosmetic Container Plastic Injection Molding

Cosmetic Container Plastic Injection Molding

OEM/ODM cosmetic bottle plastic injection molding What is your drawing of cosmetic package ? We can work out the mold solution according to your drawing/sample The mold solution under your expection
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OEM/ODM Cosmetic container Pack Mold

ABIS mold offers high qulaity plastic cosmetic pack mold,which can roughly divided into three kinds according to their forming way:

1. PET bottle or jar by injection molding and blowing molding for water, moisturizer, cream, mask
For this kind of cosmetic pack , you need first produce PET perform and blow the preform to cosmetic bottle to jars. This is forming way is just like PET water bottle.We can offer high quality PET perform mold and injection machine, bottle blowing mold and bottle blowing machine, etc..

2. Small jars only by injection molding for cream, mask, water, moisturizer
This kind of cosmetic pack is directly made by injection molding, we can offer injection mold and injection machine for this.

3. Jar and bottle only by blowing molding for shampoo bottle, body wash bottle, cream, essence, etc.
We can offer blow mold and blowing machine for this.

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