All Kinds Of Plastic Base And Alloy Base

We undertake all kinds of plastic and alloy products parts, accessories, such as medical, auto parts, aviation, communications, and electronic equipments.Our capabilities include design, manufacturing & engineering assistance, 3D CAD/CAM and direct machining, 3 axis CNC Lathe, 4 axis CNC High Speed Machining, Wire EDM etc.
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Type of mold: plastic injection mold, die casting mold, two-shot mold, insert mold, over mold etc.

Mold material: H13, S136, S50c, 718H,738H etc.

Mold base: LKM standard, HASCO, DME or as you request.

Cavity: 1*1 or Multi cavity

Runner: hot runner/ cold runner

Mold life: 100k~500k (depends on the mold type)

Lead time: 35~45 days

Packaging: Wooden box

Original place: Shenzhen

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